Zegaphone has everything, and it's free

No other app has it all

Free calls, video calls too. Free messaging, SMS, text, photo, video and audio, and photo sharing, file transfer, conference calling, voicemail by email and more. All in one app. 

Address Book integration

With Zegaphone, immediately know who you can call free direct form your own address book. If a friend has Zegaphone, call for free, if not, invite them to join. 


Compare us!

Push technology - no battery drain

Zegaphone uses push technology which means it "comes alive" when it is needed.  With push on it doesn't even need to be running to work! Messages pop up and calls get answered.

Crazy low prices for outbound calls!

Our policy is simple, we sell minutes at wholesale prices and take a tiny amount from your call credit each month to cover the cost of maintaining the outbound system - something close to  cup of coffee a month for free calling....

Video Calling Photo and Messenging

Free Video Calls,send videos and photos on the fly!